Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Points Method

Ah, the points method. All Choueifatis have heard of it (In Mr. G's lectures, over and over and over again...), but very few actually know what it is. Basically, it's the method by which the teachers are supposed to teach the students. To simplify it, we can just break it down into a four step method.

  1. Teacher explains numbered concept from textbook, as listed in Lesson Plan or Pacing Chart (Sometimes they differ, yet we are never told which one to follow.)
  2. Teacher directs general question on explained concept to class.
  3. Students work on the questions individually and check in assigned "groups" of four or five.
  4. The "group leader" answers the teacher.
The process may theoretically sound good to a non-choueifati, but just like communism, it is very impractical. All in all, the process takes upwards of twenty minutes a concept, and the pacing charts just don't give us that much time. There's hundreds of other smaller problems with the method that all add up and render it almost useless.

I for one, have yet to attend a single class where the method is 100% enforced. I would love to attend a lesson by Mr. G, just to see if he actually practices what he preaches.

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Anonymous said...

God this blog takes me back. I see things have gotten worse out there with Mr.G... at least I managed to get along with him.

I remember videoconferencing... with an ISDN line and not being able to understand a damn thing... and then those physics lessons. No wonder grade average was 8.9/20, even the geeks did'nt get it.