Saturday, March 10, 2007

Choueifat Approved Activities

"No playing cards of any kind allowed in school. Cards are associated with gambling and students can always take part in a more productive activity". - School Rules

My friends and I have a total of at least eighteen card decks currently with the head supervisor. Why we can't play "Spades" or "Bluff" in the breaks, I'll never understand. Seriously, we're not ALL gambling addicts who are just looking for a fix at school. If that were the case, I assure you that we would have found some other way to do it. Gambling isn't really Choueifat's main problem with playing cards because even bloody Pokemon Cards were confiscated from the primary kids!

What could the motive be behind banning cards then? Read the excerpt from the rules I quoted above: "students can always take part in a more productive activity". Choueifat wants the students to be PRODUCTIVE in their breaktimes. They want them to put down anything and everything they enjoy and go back to WORK. Children are enlisted as hall monitors (read: guards) and "environment prefects" (read: cleaners) instead of being allowed to play tag. Some students are actually brainwashed into thinking that their duties are fun.

How sick and twisted.
(Thanks for the idea, Alexa)


Anonymous said...

They banned everything at one choueifat branch. I mean, even a frisbee club was banned as it was "too dangerous". It's just pathetic in my view.

An ex-choueifati.

Killed by choueifat said...

Well nothing more to say but just a reminder :
"u have to do the opposite of what ur enemy wants u to do" playing cards is wasting ur time, because in Mr.G's logic fun is not a positive(possibly a negative) thing and puting it in the points methode is imposible,
Wasting ur time is what ur enemy wants u to do so no cards and anything else which might have fun in it,is for our own interest so that we can do the opposite of what our enemy wants us to do.


what this implies is :

which brings the question:

The Dude said...

The SLO does teach you important lessons:

You're supposed to be doing the opposite of what your enemy wants you to do. Ergo, play cards.


ex teacher said...

Oh I have a few winners for you from my senten... er... time at the evil C.

In the staff training, I actually had chills run down my spine when the big G informed us (as staff) that libraries were not necessary in a school, because everything you need to know you can get from the SABIS text books. I knew then thatI was going to have trouble in this place.

I then got into trouble with a supervisor because I refused to force the (Grade 3 - that's 7 year olds) students to go outside into the 47 degree heat for their hour and a half break time in the middle of the day. I said I wasn't willing to tell them to do something that I wouldn't be willing to do, and she looked at me blankly and said, "But that's the rule." The kids were sheltering in a tiny air conditioned corridor, because, hello! Can you say sunstroke?

I love your blog. Am bookmarking it. :)

ISCrap said...

haha, true true, I remember how they forced the poor little kids into guarding (or indoor prefect-ing) the entrances to the school. They made the poor kids waste their entire break, a whole hour and a half, just standing there. And how did they do this, by bribing them with behavior points or something like that... basically brainwashing the kids into thinking "this is what good kids do..." in the end the only things the kids were doing was not letting the children who were melting in the heat outside go inside.

Anonymous said...

Duuude. I needed to be a cleaner. Or else they wouldn't have let me inside the corridor. And they would've made me stay out in the blistering Dubai heat.
Have you written a blog on the retarded rule of no break indoors, but you must die outside? I'll look for it...but you should rant on about it :)

corruption killer said...

at least u guyz have a rule book in choueifat amman their isnt they just want u to be a stupid 5oz for the rest of ur life and decorate the boards in the admin in ur break and free times and make u think that u r helping then gt in trouble later from ur supervisor for being in the administration in the first place...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they took the Pokemon trading cards from my brother. He came home and for nearly two hours. From then on I started hoping that someday the SABIS system would be exposed for the demonic, soul-crushing, fucked-up system it is.