Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Regional Dictator. (Part 4)

In this continuation of The Regional Dictator, I would like to shed light on Mr.G's morals, ethics, and absolute insanity. Some interesting facts about the man have recently come to light, facts that are enough to make anyone believe there is a 666 scar somewhere on his body. The man believes in everything he says, which is kind of sad. Unfortunately he thinks that people should believe in everything he says too. He once tried to tell a member of his staff to divorce his wife, because her uncle opened another school. Stupid, I know. But it gets worse. I found this out recently, I don't know if it is exactly word by word. A charity approached him long ago to ask if Choueifat could donate to the starving and dying people of Darfur and other parts of Africa affected by famine. And his reply to the charity Representative was:

"If we give them money it would make them more dependant on us. And they would continue to breed and be poor and have a lack of education and create limited jobs. And world poverty would continue. Would it not be better to let them just die? because then we would not waste any money and resources and poverty would be eliminated" - Mr. G
Disgusting, ain't it ?. I also remember that when they told him that the head chef in the Cafeteria, who was there since the birth of Choueifat in the Gulf, had recently died. He didn't say god rest his soul (even though he doesn't believe in God) or ask if his family needed any help. He merely said.
"Oh no, we are going to have to order out now" - Mr. G
May I also add that he has no family values. He skipped his only son's wedding to attend a staff meeting. I know this is giving off allot but frankly the world needs to know that this man is a monster. his staff know it, the students know it, would it be a shame if the world knew it?
Advising, the word generally is a verb, To advise or to give advice. Mr. G goes on video conferencing and tells us to disagree with higher authority in terms of religious, cultural, political, scientific, statistic, moral, ethics and allot of things. What a hypocrite, he enforces his views upon us and he has the audacity to not even let us question him. He says advising teaches us to think. We are barely thinking there, we are so bored that not a single process of thought goes through our already wasted minds. And why Careers at Grade 9? frankly students at grade 9 don't give a crap about their careers or university for that matter, so why instill a sense of hate and loathing at such a young age?
And to Mr. G personally.
  1. Why all the nonsense babble about rules YOU don't live up to either?
  2. Why tell us to be honest and truthful when you banned those of lower average from taking external exams just so you can make the SABIS system look like it has high standards?
  3. Why tell us to stand up for what we believe in when you barely let us have the microphone?
  4. Why do you tell us to hate other student because they are competing with us when it is already obvious we are too busy already hating you?
  5. Why are we supposed to pay an average of Dhs50 million from each school when it's obvious that none of that is going for the better of any of them?
  6. Why instill your beliefs upon us and force us to accept them all of a sudden just because you say so?
  7. Why tell us to report against bullies when you your self are the biggest of them all?

I know that this seems a tad bit of an Insider to the man, but I truly despise him so. I'm probably gonna get alot of unhappy replies to this. But at least I made my point clear.


A bangali said...

truly shocking. isn't he human?

Anonymous said...

they finally did a good thing by actually cancelling the advising and careers but the shitty thing is that they gave us math weekly instead of advising and ams on career both multiple though

Sana said...

I have no clue who you are yet,
but your my hero!

Anonymous said...

This Germanos man should be tied to a tree and stoned to death.

Miss Maybeline said...


Sool said...

Brought me memories. Ive found out your bog pretty late. And I am sad that I did not get to read it back when you were active on it.
But thanks for the posts and for creating this blog! Everything you wrote manifested itself as clear and peculiar images in my head.