Monday, July 02, 2007

The Regional Dictator (Part 5)

Hello all. I do hope that you are enjoying your summer, or what's left of it. Mr. G's beleif's and theories, which are in my opinion extremely biased, based and immature. You see, Mr. G constantly babbles on how he doesn't believe in a democracy
"In a democracy you select the most popular, but that is false.
I believe the smartest should rule" - The Twit.

If you weren't fully immersed in the SABIS system then you can definately spot the contradictions. Since in my opinion the dipshit isn't popular and far from smart. Anyways, everyone knows that Mr G is a strong supporter of his own set of Eugenics like the silly little man in the picture. The diffrence is, the little man in the picture was way smarter than him and knew what the fuck he was doing but just went drunk with power. Mr. G is just drunk with power. If you don't know what eugenics is, we now thus consult the all knowing Wikipedia.

"Eugenics is a social philosophy which advocates the improvement of human hereditary traits through various forms of intervention. The goals of various groups advocating eugenics have included the creation of healthier, more intelligent people, to save society's resources, and lessen human suffering, as well as desires to breed for optimal qualities."

-All knowing and all holy Wikipedia.

You know all the silly little things he says wich could well have him beaten and dragged through the streets in my books since he........., how can I put it. The man wouldn't tell the diffrence between his knee and his elbow and would blabber on about how they can both be used for his own profitable good. Some shit on how he can make handicapped children write using their teeth because SABIS helped them or that load of tripe, which in fact any brain dead monkey would know that he would rather let the handicapped die since they are useless by his standards. I hate him, I despise him, I loathe him, and I don't care if I'm pushing it but frankly the world is better off with people like him dead.


Cairogal said...

That's Groucho Marx in the photo-not Hitler.

sowan said...


Anonymous said...

Y'know you sound sound very much like you're engaged to him,it's really giving off a creepy vibe.

sowan said...

wtf is that swupposed to mean anonymous

Anonymous said...

Mr. Germ-anus has some serious psychological issues that have not yet been addressed. anyone know any good doctors?