Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm Boycotting You

Dear Convicts and Ex-Convicts

Is it just me, or has has this place lately been empty? It seems no ones been showing up here. I know I've been gone a long time but I really am trying to make it up to you. But how can I if nobody is there? The meter barely seems to go up anymore. I'm not posting any more anti-Choueifat material unless It's actually gonna get read or at least commented on. You can start now.
oh, and Ramadan Kareem to you all


UPDATE: I know it has only been a day, but A Very Interesting person sent me a very good reason to keep on posting and change my direction. I'll be keeping in touch with him alot now. I apologise If I havn't really been bothering, but I'll try and make it up to you. by the way "Bollocks". the stuff I write is not me making shit up, if I was just using my imagination as reality I would have nuked the schools and used bloody photoshop as evidence.


JAC Fan said...

To be compltely honest, I found the original blogger's material much more objective rather than "Anti-Choueifati". I haven't been reading as much since he stopped posting...

KyoDes said...

That's perfect. I'm so open to criticism at the moment. Gimme more.

KyoDes said...

P.S. that was not sarcasm. seriously, I really wanna know what you would like to see.

Anonymous said...


penjuine won over sabis( i have been in ISC for 5 years n look at my spelling)ramadan karim to yew too nways naa write more stuff i hate the fact that teachers say speak ur mid and wene u do they write yew detention for back talking and make other teachers hate yew like i neeed to be hatted..
"dipshit" didnt give me advissing yet but frm wut ppl told me its not pretty..
Soo yeah supervisers suck and they like yew on ur mood
Keep bloging its nice no knw they are some none brain washed ppl in choisfat

Bollocks said...

Stop making sh1t up and write interesting stuff and people will read!

Darah said...

hello.. i really find ur writing amusing.. but i dont get the fact that you hate the skool so much, and yet ur still in in the skool too.. yes i hate wat "the twit" says.. but please stop complaining.. yes i get wat ur trying to prove to every one but still.. all u do is go on and on about how much you hate it and how much it contradics its self. But dude you contradict youself more than our skool does... And yes these are your "memoirs" that i do enjoy reading.. but-- you go to the skool, you get into trouble, you learn and finally u get into a great university and live ur life happily ever after..but you just complain and complain, so basically ur making ur time here even harder just by complaining all the time.. if you wanna be happy in live you just gunna have to make ur happiness ur self.. our skool isnt gunna be put on a golden plate with chocolate sprinkles on top and be all happy-dandy... thats not wat ANY skool is like.. so just accept it and get on with life..