Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is Something Missing?

Hello, one and all. I know It's been a long time. I could go on and on about all the reasons why I didn't continue this blog after New Year's, or at least past Christmas. But to make a long story really short. I had an excellent holiday. And a somewhat bearable reorientation.

Now on to the main part. SABIS still continues to enforce a draconian system of education. Including with the newly enforced Homework Exams. They have now warned us that these pointless doodles count so much that if we we're to be absent for one of them, we would be "forced" to do them in the summer. So we apparently need to be in school everyday, regardless of weather we have externals to do, or family duties, or even matters of life and death. SABIS uber alles. Guess they really didn't like it when no one bothered showing up during the holidays. I guess they managed to overlook the fact that IT WAS A CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS HOLIDAY!, and that you can't inform people two days before and expect them to cancel plans set months in advance. You are not worthy, never were, never will.

On the light hearted side of things. Reports are telling me that a theatrical thesbian in Dubai has decided to put on the famous musical "The King And I" I love musicals and the theatre, and I support any attempt to break SABIS into the arts. But I'm not gonna state further more and I am merely going to say. Good Luck, you're going to need it.

Finally, a Dubai loving boob. Who goes by the username of Leitmanp on Wikipedia, keeps removing the link to my page from the wiki article on Choueifat Schools. We've tried altering it, but because he is a not so prominent Wikipedia editor, he's managed to set a robot on the page so that any attempts to change it back to its usually semi-truthful form results in a reverse within a few minutes. I was alerted to this vile act of censorship by a friend. And I ask that those of you who wish to have what I write be noticed by the large number of Choueifat hopefuls, contact this boy and assure him that this is all for a good cause.

right here

Farewell, and have a Happy Valentine's Day.


Anonymous said...




KyoDes said...

The caps lock button in 5mm away from the "A" key, please push that button and make sure a little green light is off, so that you can avoid looking like a complete dumbass. No matter how much you think you are so above me, you're not. You're comment proves it. Thank You and keep reading like you apparently do :)

P.S. in terms of psych evaluation. Nobody likes a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who seek knowledge, truth and basic human rights, than there are fools like this SABIS goon. I would recommend posting a links to the forum on websites which discuss blacklisted international school, blacklisted tefl schools and Dave’s ESL cafĂ©.

SABIS goon, the original blogger provides a forum in which those who have been negatively impacted by the beast called SABIS/ International School of Choueifat share their experiences. You have stated many times you have no connection to the business, but yet one wonders why you continually degrade those who come here unless you are SABIS goon.

Either way, no one can silence the truth about this system. And no one except those who currently hold the power can change the negative reputation SABIS/ International School of Choueifat. A system, as so many others have written, which fails to adapt, treat employees and consumers well can exist for long. The day will come when all will know the truth and I know that scares the living hell out of you.

Anonymous said...

The facts are clear. Bistany and Germanos are such meglo-maniacs they pay people or should I say threaten people to go on wikipedia and remove the truth. If there is even one person who believes the SABIS system works then they are mentally deranged. I worked in SABIS for nearly a year before I bailed out. I was surrounded by Lebanese Mafia, all of whom just looked like they escaped from prison. They all knew that they needed to stay beause they would never find jobs in Lebanon. The kids are being robbed of an education by SABIS. Choueifat caters for rich middle-class kids. Bistany tries to get "wasta" from rich people here. He needs it, because in my country he could never open a school as it would be closed in days. The SABIS loans from the world bank are crippling them. Like most Lebanses they live well beyond their means. You know the types, get huge loans and pretend they are successful. That is SABIS. If people only knew what they debt was!! SABIS will continue here in the Gulf until radical educational reforms come in to place which might take about 10 years , judging by the pace here in the UAE. In the meantime, Bistany and his drones will go on and on.. THey will make money as there is a sucker born every minute and then he will die. So many people will them clamber to get as much of his so-called wealth as they can. He is such a moronic person that he will even bestow money for an educational cause so the memory of Bistany lives on . Saddam, Mugabe, bistany same mold.

Anonymous said...

I see that SABIS gave you a good education!

I am proud of you :)

Anonymous said...

Sabis is more of a cult..led by germanos
(german-anus hehe)
they like to brainwash students to love sabis. A person named Saab is so pissing off that he follows every rules of sabis.Rules such as 'please..it is illegal to chew gum when you are in the sabis system' and in grade 9..wtf is the 'centroid power'??
hes a loner..he grows his hair so that he can cover the baldspot on his head! hehe..funny shit
well anyway...sabis is a bad sysytem and choufat is a shit school with mr. 'NIBS' walking around telling you off for everything you do.


Anonymous said...

re:first comment by anonymous - this surely is the work of someone older than thirty five - look at the style and the those 'caps on' hooohoooo basic 'puter literacy errors - also the aggression methinks perhaps a lebanese or other minion of doctor dark of germanosia - has this site been infiltrated by germanosia and azooka the bazooka - i hope so now they know how much esteem they are held in ahm that would slightly less than zero!!! the former choeuifatass now known as fatass

Anonymous said...

as today was the last day of school for grd 11 we found out how busy the staff of choueifat really are(they wasted 2periods n some of our lunch break),all the senior staff of cuoueifat can lecture the students in a classroom for more the 2hours on how good the school really is but when we take our cameras out,they say we have to study as we have exams coming up but the senoir staff are allowed to waste our time on pointless stuff that we do not need to know on the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL(like what benefit will it do knowing choueifat won a court case in America)german anus tells us we should not speak in the dark and write our names beside whatever we do,we all know what happened to the kids who joined a facebook group about niblog(they were all suspended)

Anonymous said...

They did not win the court case in America. That my friend is a BIG FAT LIE!!! They settled out of court and paid a large settlement. That is not winning, that is making an offer so that all their dirty laundry is not aired in public because of the free of information act. The Freedom of Information allows for the full or partial disclosure of previously unreleased information and documents controlled by the various forms of government in America. The majority of court case records are open to the public.

septimus el-dallal said...
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Anonymous said...

Mr.Germanos? More like Mr. Fucked-up-in-the-head.

Anonymous said...

I do not think people realize how manipulative and evil a company can be. Sabis is scary. I got a contract from Sabis recently that I could not sign. I do not think it would even be legal in the US. It would allow Sabis to decide what I did 24 hours per day 7 days per week for 10 months and did not guarantee pay because Sabis could fine me any amount at their discretion. Worse yet, I could owe them a huge amount of money if I left the job for ANY reason (over $12,000). This would have to be paid or they could hold my passport! This was the worst of the contract, but the rest was bad, too. Sabis said this was standard for the industry, but if it is, I need to find some other type of work!

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