Friday, December 15, 2006

Some Mr. G Quotes

I'm feeling very lazy, so all I'm going to do this week is post up some of Mr. G's quotes from the Student Life video conference last Saturday. Enjoy!

"Your enemy would say: "Let's go home and have fun."."
"We want students to enjoy school by giving them more work"
[Referring to us senior prefects]"You are the elite. You are the selected. You should do the dirty work."
"The heavy guns are over there; feel free to use them."

These are all geniune Mr. G-quotes. I have a few more (Did he actually expect me to listen to what he was saying rather than jot down notes for my anti-choueifat blog?), but the four above would be the cream of the crop.
I don't think I even need to comment. Really, the quotes speak for themselves.


Who? said...

HAHAHA!!!! We should all juss select a spot on the wall n piss on it until the acid burns thru...all the while singing:

"ALL in all, ur juss taking a piss on the wall!!!" YEAH!

Anonymous said...

"We do not plan to fail, we fail to plan"
If they havn't managed to burn this into the very fibre of your being,then you're one of the lucky few...
by the way...has anyone ever felt that Mr. G looks like he's goggling at you from the inside of a fish bowl? must be the glasses..or just me...