Friday, December 08, 2006

The Regional Dictator. (Part 3)

Mr. G is a man who likes to judge things on his own. He never values the opinions and input of others anywhere near how much he values his own. I don’t recall him ever taking a student’s opinion seriously, whether in person or over the video conference. No-one can influence the regional dictator.
This post is dedicated to his habit of taking stabs at the idea of sentimental value. He is possibly the most cynical person on Earth, assessing everything only by its material worth. I remember a lecture when he ridiculed the price of diamonds, Rolls Royce cars, Rolexes and paintings by Picasso as opposed to fake copies. Normally, I wouldn’t mind if someone voiced this opinion to me, but Mr. G had the nerve to broadcast it to 600 students and not even allow us to disagree. Basically because it’s the SABIS way. Little does he realize that most of the students have parents with diamonds on their fingers...
We’re not debating the idea of sentimentality; we’re going against the apparent authority Mr. G has to try to force his opinions on us.
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