Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Brainwashing Sessions. (Part 2)

“Choueifat is the best school in the world!”
What do you think when you hear “Careers” or “Advising”? University guidance? Information on courses? Major career fields? Perhaps just a simple Q&A session for the students to ask for help in their decisions?
Hahaha, are you kidding me? Through almost the whole Careers and Advising courses, Mr. G decided that it would be more fun to teach us Biology and Cell Division, because apparently we need it more.
Honestly, the closest thing the Choueifat schools have to a real Career counselor or advisor is the “University Department” in the Student Life Organisation. Some schools don’t even have that, and are forced to just turn to this chap broadcasting himself live to something like 600 students a day.
One wonders what the point of Careers and Advising is if we don’t get any relevant advice.
Thanks for the e-mail.


Anonymous said...

Bro its like a mutha fookin conspiracy ya know.They keep on proving to us how "Choueifat is the best" when its as good as a ghetto public school , nowhere even near an inch away from Eton's shadow.
BTW there all commies , Mr.GERManos is a commie for sure cuase I remember his last words in the last Career class were "I donot believe that this democracy is right as only the popular people get chosen , I beleive that the smartest person should become the leader........" Notice in all his supposedely 'true' stories he is awlays some sort of a superman , warding off a pask of dogs with one stone that were chasing him in the desert(!?) or jumping ten steps in two. I also think he has some sort of grudge against the diamond industory. If I was a pig head like him Id argue that the diamond industory provides jobs for 10 million Africans....but I aint one....ahhh I remember last day of grade 9 how we set fire to our career copybooks and flushed (apparentely tried to but the flush got jammed) the books down the drain.

-sUm1wH0h4tEsChOuEiF@t- said...

choueifat is the best my ass!! its unorganized and gets cheap stuff!!
we didnt even get proper equipments for sports and more stupid stuff!!