Thursday, November 02, 2006

Choueifat Needs To Understand. (Part 1)

Choueifat needs to understand what the students really need. How far will their studies alone take them? If the students are to do exactly what Choueifat wants them to, they’ll end up becoming outright unsociable morons. As such, eventually in their career, they’ll hit a wall. You can’t get too far at all unless you have these skills Choueifat is so hesitant to provide.
Later on, it becomes more about how you deal with others. How convincing you are. How decisive you are. How you present yourself. Choueifat can’t put these skills into textbooks or tests. Hell, they don’t want to. Their mission is to pilot their students into university and then abandon them completely, regardless of whether the student is doing well or not. But there’s no need to worry, they’ll be sure to let you know if any are doing well in the form of those pieces of paper that they call “achievements”.

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