Friday, November 10, 2006

They Took Our Sports Away. (Part 2)

An anonymous friend recently pointed out to me how completely wrong it was of Choueifat to keep us from making use of our talents and ambitions. How they strive to block off everything but those utterly worthless SABIS books.
They say that they want us to take part in as many extracurricular activities outside school as possible. Obviously, they hadn’t thought it through before they told us that. How are we supposed to do anything outside Choueifat when we have 9 hour school days plus travel time?
“On the weekend?” you may suggest. You would be wrong. Our weekends are considered to be working days. If the school wishes, they have the power to drag us into school for random prefect chores and exams, or just for their own sadistic pleasure.
I recall many an incident when a fellow student would be forced to abandon his or her dreams because Choueifat simply wanted him or her to. Guitar classes, stage performances, sport training and even charity fundraisers have always been frowned upon by the Choueifati administration. Anything “skipped” on weekends or after school has always had severe repercussions.
I thank my anonymous friend for pointing this out to me. Normally, this would have caught my attention, but it’s just such a typical Choueifati trait.


Killed by choueifat said...

Make a kid starve then put a loaf in front of him and wait till he steals the loaf so that u will punish him. thats what choueifat is thinking about, by make us totaly occupied and if we dont die befor getting out of the cell then we should not have time for fun and activities but when universities start talking abuot activities they blame us !!!

AFROdesiac said...

DAAAAAAMN straight! listen we try and try to tell em that we wanna do more activities but when to do tht other than the sad late hours of the day when only quarter our brain is functioning due to the different sortsa fumes coming out of different students from different parts of the worlds and the many lessons the we have to attend!I mean why learn more now when we'll learn the same amount later?!Why r they such in a hurry,it's really sad 'cause many of us who have a talent in sports or ne other field wouldn't be able to let uni's know because we have been prevented from the rites of ENJOYMENT!Very sad indeed.Well my brothers and sisters I wish all of u the best in the coming years and god bless our souls

Anonymous said...