Friday, November 17, 2006

A Taste Of Choueifati Logic.

Rarely is there proper reasoning behind the decisions Choueifat makes. One can only imagine the conversation that took place before they began on a new branch in Erbil, Iraq.
“You know, I don’t think developed or developing countries are the way to go for us. They’re not getting us enough money.”
“Yeah I know! Perhaps we should try war torn countries.”
“War torn countries? That's ingenious! How about Afghanistan?”
“No, they’re closer to recovering than some other countries.”
“Oh, I know! Iraq!”
“Perfect. Let’s get to it!”

Not that it affects the current Choueifati students so much, but being able to laugh at and mock the school board’s decisions is a harsh deterrent to the reputation of the school. There are hundreds of other examples of twisted Choueifati logic that could simply be described as “stupid”.
The following question was on a Grade 10 Business Studies exam:
“Which of the following are not disadvantages of nationalization as opposed to privatization?” Way to go Choueifat. You’re confusing hundreds of students with your own stupidity and you’re showing off the fact that you are incapable of the making even the most simple decisions.


Killed by Choueifat said...

A really important point here.
This is true man/woman i have never thought that choueifat is able to do one simple exam in which all the students can answer or even go wrong i dont care but what i care for is seeing the students relaxed while reading the questions of any test they are taking. As they say stress makes one older and in choueifat students undergo so much stress form thier exams till it reaches a limit when the admin tries to cover it up by saying "our students learn in one year in choueifat what they learn in a year and a half in anyother school" most probably they mean STRESS and DISCOMFORT

AFROdisiac said...

Indeed my dear friend,it's a very critical point. But the logic behind is probably to make the students feel like the exam was hard then end-up feeling quite stupid after thinking about what the question was actually asking about,or maybe it's just to make the choueifati carriculum seem difficult due to the low grades obtained by students,I guess we'll never know,unless...we find the person who wrote the exam and... naaaaah that would be too long a sentence in prison to bear.

sidoroffs said...

Erbil is the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, a very rich entiety.

sidoroffs said...
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