Thursday, October 05, 2006

Detentions And The "Discipline Sheet" System.

See, Choueifat has managed to create a system to make it just that little bit easier for teachers to generously distribute detentions. Every possible reason, from "Talking in Class" to "Setting a Fire" is coded on the back of the "Discipline Sheet" which the "Class Prefect" has to make sure is signed by every teacher of every class. All the teacher has to do is write the student's name and the code of the "offense" on the sheet and the student instantly loses at least an hour of his or her life.
Of course, since our breaks are usually full of “extra” (read: mandatory) classes, we usually can’t do lunchtime detentions. After-school or even weekend detentions are frequent for students in all grades. These detentions tend to pile up, forcing students to stay seated in a dead quiet exam hall with a textbook for three to four hours at a time.
Apparently, Choueifat didn’t think that having classes from 8:00am to 4:00pm (or even 5:00pm, depending on classes.) every day was enough to build a student body that despises the system.


AFROdisiac said...

EXACTLY!And how come every other school doesn't need 8-5 to complete their work and they don't even need to finish their"POINTS" at home! And after all the hours we spend the other students are the ones getting government scholarships! What's the deal with that?! Tell me Mr.G!Oh btw nice dance Mr.G

Anonymous said...

LOL, choueifatis' pain:detentions. Mr.G. claims that by this kinda 'gd system', we can create the best school on Earth. and da system works by making us stay in skool from 8am to 4/5pm everyday excluding the weekend lessons and DETENTIONS.

Alexa said...

Oh Gosh.. the discipline sheet... I remember that.

I had to fill that thing in as a class prefect in Yr 7...

And Gosh - if I didn't give anyone a detention - the supervisor would threaten to give me one!

The Dude said...

They now have a coded detention sheet system? hahahaahha that's brilliant in a twisted and warped way. The problem of the detention sheet was usually solved by stealing it, and flushing it down the toilet.

FYI: I graduated from Gr.13 in Abu Dhabi back in 2001 after 7 years, so I feel your pain.