Friday, October 13, 2006

The Regional Dictator. (Part 1)

The Regional Director of the ISC branches in the Gulf is man of many names. “Mr. G”, “Ratman”, "Germaniac" and “Jumanji” to name a few (Sadly, I’m not exaggerating.). I have been, and will be referring to him as Mr. G in my blog for the sake of confidentiality. His name though, is not of much importance. We are supposed to judge people by their actions and this man’s actions have heavily affected the last twenty-odd year groups of Choueifati students.
“Choueifat is the best school in the world!”
He would tell us, over and over (and over and over). Advising, Careers, and any other videoconference he would host. He would take things like the average graduating GPA in the UK and compare it to Choueifat’s, thinking that the students wouldn’t realize how misleading the statistics were. Of course we’re going to have higher Physics grades when the average UK student is allowed to have a life!
“Choueifat is the best school in the world!”
The videoconferences were also filled with post-graduate stories of Mr. G’s private club of “Power Prefects”. (Haha!). The basic layout would be “Dear Mr. G, I would like to thank you and the SABIS system for the huge advantage you have given me in university. Yours faithfully, X”. It would be painfully easy to tell that X was lying, and that he/she simply sent the letter in to get it published in the Advising/Careers textbooks. Or, it could be one of the rare freak students who Mr. G had managed to completely transform into a pure Choueifati. Truly sad stories.
I think that any Choueifati would agree with me when I say that Mr. G is probably one of the most interesting people on the planet. I mean, who else can so blindly believe in the SABIS system and everything it stands for?


Grenade said...

Mr.G is the disturbing way, the guys got an ego the size of Russia, come on!!! At my chuffy, right above the admin main doors, theres this MASSIVE board stating "we are the cleanest and the best skool in the world" ok, i feel like shooting myself whenever i see, i can work with tht, im used to tht feeling, but get this! students SIGNED their NAMES on tht thing, id rather be hung by my ***** than put my name up there, how think tht ppl would do tht...sends chills down my spine. Mr.G, he is a WEIRDO! n right b4 d conference, he goes "yeah, is sharjah here? yes or no, can u help me here?" (talking to the indian technician tht could get fired at any second...first of all, make sure all ur damn skools are connected B4 u broadcast, ur making urslef look stupid...god have mercy on us all

Captain Planet said...

Opinion of a Choueifati: "I feel like burning this mother ****er down!"

AFROdisiac said...

Very true,very true indeed.These words come straight outta the soul of a person that has almost changed or transformed into a Choueifati. There have been several attempts to make us turn into a mini G but with our scheme to be strong and bring SABIS down by showing justice and reality to the students we have managed to survive! I would think Mr.G would know how to use a computer after all those lectures, confrences and him talking about education and crap poor old chap(I bet if he farted he could get a heartattack:P)

Killed by choueifat said...

Thats all right but still this guy has many other names; though names are not criteria of personality, how people name others is. For instance we like to call this poor creature "GERM ANUS" .
well i wasnt gonna say that he is poor or even have any pitty on him but can anyone imagine a child deprived of his social life scince born, with all what concerns him is "my lovely choueifat" and as a matter of fact creating a lie and then living it makes one convinced in what he is doing.
This makes him spend tremendous effort in useless attempts to turn us in a robotic brainwashed zombies; and for that he should be awarded many prises (noble in failure), (brainwashed world cup),etc...after all possesing the most STUPID ideas and trying to achieve void goals does have to be awarded with the right gifts(just as we are doin!!!!).

Lauz said...

Did you also ever notice that the letters come in the day before our lesson?? or just before the book was published?! its all LIES! these students never existed!
And in Abu dhabi choueifat there was a sign saying "cleanest school in the world" But when you looked down there was trash everywhere....God i hate that school.

Anonymous said...

hey u know he isnt that bad i know him personally and hes pretty cool hes open to many ideas and we do actually turn out smart