Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Opinion of a Fellow Choueifati

Grenade says (8:25 PM):i hate my life
Grenade says (8:25 PM):this sucks

The above is the basic overall outcome of the Choueifat Effect (not to be confused with normal teen depression). For over 120 years, the SABIS system has ruined lives through Choueifatism. The students have been tortured, brainwashed and given no chance to lead a normal school life. We have been given incredibly excessive workloads with little or no proper recreation. There is no school spirit. There will never be school spirit. There is no bright side. There will never be a bright side. There is no hope. There will never be hope.

The Choueifat Effect.


killed by choueifat said...

Nice site.
I cannt wait to read the comming articles (hope u have strength to write all possible articles; it is not an easy job!!).
choueifat effect:
Just to assist physics teachers; a statment in the only language they understand might help :
The longer the time spent in it the more u get from it. i.e. as time increase choueifat effect increases(direct proprtionality) :P

chouifat effect kept in simple language can be described as "ur accelerated way to retardation"

all the best for u and all the suffering choueifaties around the globe.

AFROdisiac said...

You see, this school says they want to let the students take part in making the school a better place, but the truth is that the administration cannot and will not be able to handle all the work. So they basically put a shitload of work on the teachers and even more on the students. Imagine the stress a teacher feels in teaching a single subject. Now think of the students dealing with the stress of a billion teachers in a billion subjects. No Choueifati (save the occasional idiot)would send their children into Choueifat after having graduated from it and no student in Choueifat would want to be there unless he or she was a big mouth SNITCH(THAT'S RIGHT Mr.G I called ur tiny lil' friends snitches). SHADOW GOVERNMENT is going down with the rise of the MOVEMENT!!!!

HEAD of Maintenance said...

this skool sux they will suspend u for stupid reasons or theyll suspend u if they expect that u did it, "uh i think uh u did it"
Chouiefat doesnt care about it students it cares about money they treat students and parents like shit. I think the SLO is a stupid idea its just a factory producing Snitches or mini MR. G's. if anyone is THINKING about enroling into this skool u should think again turn back or u will regret it for the rest of ur lives u dont want to suffer like we do. to conclude this comment ::: id say what afrodisiac said: "SHADOW GOVERNMENT is going down with the rise of the MOVEMENT!!!! "

monzy said... about to get into grade 12 and ive been going to this school for 11 long freakin years. ur absolutely right. honestly, they dont teach us how to think or use our brains..its all mindless memorization. i could count hordes and hordes of teachers who left bc of the system. SCREW THIS DRACONIAN SYSTEM

i hate has been the epitome of misery..workloads and workloads of shit ALL DAY LONG. dont even get me started on when they decided to "ban" free periods!! they were fucking kidding.

ALSO..our canteen closes 5 minutes before the break is over (that pointless 15 min break) and even if ure standing and asking for a bottle of water..they'll close the window in ur face..BASTARDS!!

shit..and also..this school begrudgingly spends a cent.. they dont do anything for us. if we want something..we have to pay for it.

o..i go to the one in cairo,egypt.